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Glenn Trudel with bride, Mary Woodman (photo by Kevin White)

I was born in Brussels, Belgium on June 12, 1950. French is my native language. I learned English when I moved to the USA about 6 years later.

My photography career began in 1978 as a photojournalist for the newspaper Madison Press Connection where I was awarded “Best News/Sports Photo of the Year” by the Milwaukee Press Club. Over the years, I've been published in magazines ranging from Atlantic Monthly and Saturday Evening Post to High Times and Inside Sports.

After a year overseas working for Warner Brothers Records in 1982, I returned to teach 2nd grade for two years at Wingra School in Madison. As a result I began to focus more of my time teaching photography in schools and communities across the country. In 2000, I was selected by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation to participate in a national program called "America Creates for the Millennium." That honor took me to Lincoln, Nebraska for 4 months where I collaborated with its seniors, teens, and children on many projects that later toured the nation.

During the winter months of the past two decades, I've also taught photography to the 8th grade at Haleakala Waldorf School in Maui, Hawaii. The people at the school are wonderful, the setting is charming and I am very grateful for all of it.

Through my many years as a wedding photographer, I've been greatly rewarded as witness to many fleeting yet powerful moments of the human heart. Capturing them and telling the story of the day is a challenge that keeps me motivated as an artist. I feel honored when I’m chosen to photograph the glorious tale of a wedding.

I hope you enjoy the images you see on my site.

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